TMS Webinar Series: Sustaining Maritime Infrastructure Development

TMS Webinar Series: Sustaining Maritime Infrastructure Development

  • The coronavirus pandemic has placed huge stress on all aspects of the maritime sector. But, despite the immediate impacts, there is a clear need to maintain longer term local and regional visions for economic and social change. And that means finding ways of sustaining infrastructure development in ports and related sectors despite difficult times.

    For its eighth Webinar in the Covid-19: A Leadership Perspective series, which takes place on September 9th at 12:30pm UAE time (8:30 am GMT; 2:00 pm IST), The Maritime Standard is focussing on issues relating to infrastructure development that have arisen as a result of the pandemic and how challenges can be overcome to deliver sustainable growth. A top quality panel with many decades of relevant experience is being assembled to discuss the key issues facing maritime infrastructure development and to spotlight long term future orientated strategies that keep growth on track.

    Topics proposed for discussion include:

    • What impact will the crisis have on maritime infrastructure projects underway or planned?
    • Will new types of infrastructure be required post pandemic?
    • The banking and financial services perspective on maritime infrastructure looking forward
    • Will some port and other infrastructure projects be shelved or cut back
    • Impact on trade and cargo flows
    • Can countries’ individual development visions be realised?
    • Green infrastructure development
    • Shipbuilding and repair – evaluating long term investment requirements

    Confirmed speakers include:

    • Abdulla Bin Damithan, Chief Commercial Officer, DP World – UAE Region
    • Krishna Kotak, Chairman, J.M. Baxi Group of Companies
    • Hamza Badawi, Director of Urban Planning and Permitting, Abu Dhabi Ports
    • David Casey, Group Chief Commercial Officer, Gulftainer
    • Jimmy Sarbh, Chairman, Sarbh Maritime & Former Exe. Chairman, P&O Ports South Asia & Middle East Region
    • Julian Panter, Vice President Business Development, International Maritime Industries

    Clive Woodbridge, TMS Editor, says, “This is a highly important Webinar that gets to the heart of the long term sustainability of the maritime sector. If the pandemic undermines infrastructure developments plans, then the future of the sector clearly looks very different. The panel we are assembling are uniquely placed to assess infrastructure development prospects both in the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent and further afield.”

    It is anticipated that the webinar will last for around 2 hours. An initial series of questions and a panel discussion session will be followed by a final section where panellists will get the chance to answer questions posted by attendees from around the world. To register for the Webinar please click the following link:

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