TMS Webinar brings together leaders ashore and at sea

TMS Webinar brings together leaders ashore and at sea

  • For its sixth Webinar in the Covid-19: A Leadership Perspective series, which takes place on July 22nd, at 12.30 UAE time, The Maritime Standard is offering something very different. Four senior shipping company executives will participate alongside captains and officers onboard one of the vessels in each of their respective fleets in a unique session with the theme ‘From Boardroom to Bridge.’ This will bring together shore-based perspectives of the Covid-19 challenges for shipping with the first-hand experiences of those on the front line, at sea, in what is sure to be an enlightening and thought provoking webinar.

    The ashore panellists, Ali Shehab, Chief Executive, Kuwait Oil Tanker Company; Mrs. Harjeet Joshi, Chairperson and Managing Director, The Shipping Corporation of India; Imtiaz Shaikh, Chairman and Nitin Mehta, Chief Executive, Tomini Shipping, will each discuss the challenges presented by owning, operating, managing and manning vessels, and supporting the crew of ships in their fleet, during the pandemic. The event will also give a chance for ships’ captains to highlight practical issues in terms of port calls, time at sea, crew welfare, and testing and treating crew members during the global crisis. Collectively and individually they will be able to paint a clear picture of what it has been like for ocean-going, and shore-based, staff; the improvements that have been made since the onset of the crisis; the issues that remain; and long term future prospects.

    The webinar will last for around 2 hours. Two panel discussion segments will be followed by a final section where panellists will get the chance to answer questions posted by attendees from around the world.

    Topics proposed for discussion include:

    • Ensuring seafarer welfare
    • Maintaining good communications between ship and shore
    • Port call issues
    • Treating and testing crew members
    • Key current challenges
    • Likely long term changes to shipboard practice
    • The importance of digital technology
    • Ship management issues

    The Webinar will start with brief introductions from Trevor Pereira, Managing Director of The Maritime Standard, and Editor, Clive Woodbridge, who will moderate the session. Each panelist will be invited in turn to give a short summary of their view of the current crisis and its impact on crew, ship management and vessel operations. Clive will then ask a key question to each panelist based on their particular operation and experience.

    This part of the webinar will be fast paced, lively and informal, giving the panelists the chance to indicate what they see as being the key issues, the progress that has been made to date and possible fundamental long term changes.

    After each panel session will then be a short commercial break, after which there will be a Question Session, for online attendees to raise their own questions which will be put to selected panelists. To register for the Webinar please click the following link:

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