Green shipping strategies feature in TMS Tanker Conference opening session

Green shipping strategies feature in TMS Tanker Conference opening session

  • The eighth annual The Maritime Standard Tanker Conference, which takes place on Wednesday 8th November at the Atlantis, the Palm, Dubai, will feature a stimulating and thought-provoking program that will this year focus heavily on issues around environmental protection and sustainability.

    The topic is high on the news agenda, following the historic IMO MEPC meeting in London last month, which agreed to accelerate moves towards decarbonising shipping and maritime. As a result this is a pivotal time for the tanker sector, as it not only faces up to the impact of geopolitical challenges with uncertain consequences, but it has to implement measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    One of the highlights of the TMS Tanker Conference is sure to be the opening Session 1, which has the theme ‘Setting green shipping strategy – policy choices for the tanker sector in uncertain markets.’ Clive Woodbridge, Conference Editor, says, “The first session inevitably sets the tone and direction for the conference as a whole and this one will feature some really high level speakers in the industry. People will want to hear how they are grappling with the strategic challenges of moving to net zero and I fully expect the presentations in this session will trigger plenty of discussion and debate, and create learning opportunities that attendees will take away with them into their day jobs.”

    These speakers will give their assessments of the environmental challenges and opportunities presented to the tanker shipping business, against a backdrop of volatile market trends in the crude, chemical and product tanker trades, as well as the gas carrier segment.

    A wide range of topics are proposed to be covered by the keynote speakers in this session. This will include discussions as to how best to meet challenging IMO and other environmental targets; alternative fuels; the impact of CII and EEXI; and the role of ship managers in charting a course to net zero. There will also be presentations on green ship recycling, what to look for at the COP28 conference in Dubai later this year from a tanker perspective, and the contribution of classification societies.

    Additionally, speakers will look at key trends shaping demand in the tanker market both in the short and long term, and hot topics such as the shortage of newbuilding activity and the importance of port and landside infrastructure projects will feature. There will also be a look at the value of end-to-end logistics strategies in the liquid bulk trades.

    More info action about the TMS Tanker Conference, the programme and how to register to attend can be found by going to:

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