TMS Webinar Series: Container terminals in the pandemic - Rapid bounce back or slow recovery?

TMS Webinar Series: Container terminals in the pandemic — Rapid bounce back or slow recovery?

  • The coronavirus pandemic has had a big impact on container terminal operations around the world. In some areas throughput has slumped by well over 20%. There are already some signs of a recovery in some areas, but it is doubtful that container growth will return quickly and may take until well into 2021 to pick up strongly.

    For its tenth Webinar in the Covid-19: A Leadership Perspective series, which takes place on October 7 at 12:30 pm UAE time, The Maritime Standard is focussing on issues relating to container terminal operations and development. An experienced and influential panel is being assembled to discuss the key issues facing terminals, both in their day-to-day operations and the longer term development scenario.

    Topics proposed for discussion include:

    • The impact of the pandemic on container terminal throughputs, regionally and worldwide
    • What time scale can we expect for recovery?
    • Global trade volatility — how can container terminals adapt?
    • Ensuring safety and security
    • Using new technology to boost efficiency and support remote working
    • What impact will the crisis have on container terminal infrastructure projects underway or planned?
    • Can the pandemic accelerate use of green technology solutions?
    • Driving a digital revolution in container terminals
    • The impact of global supply chain changes
    • Reforming terminal operations to meet the new normal

    Confirmed speakers include:

    • Shahab Al Jassmi, Commercial Director, DP World- UAE Region
    • Ross Thompson, Chief Strategy and Growth Officer, Abu Dhabi Ports
    • Mendi Zaltzman, CEO, Port of Haifa
    • Sandeep Mehta, President, Adani Ports & Special Economic Zone
    • General Daya Ratnayake, Chairman, Sri Lanka Ports Authority

    Clive Woodbridge, TMS Editor, says, “This is going to be a Webinar that will attract a lot of interest, as container terminals are critical components within logistics networks and represent significant capital investments. Ensuring they remain viable and continue to operate efficiently and in a resilient way is vital to rebooting a wider economic recovery. The panel which we are assembling is hugely experienced and is certain to provide the audience with some privileged insights into the challenges being faced by this sector.”

    It is anticipated that the webinar will last for around 2 hours. An initial series of questions and a panel discussion session will be followed by a final section where panellists will get the chance to answer questions posted by attendees from around the world.

    The Webinar will start with brief introductions from Trevor Pereira, Managing Director of TMS, and TMS Editor, Clive Woodbridge, who will moderate the session. Each panellist will be invited in turn to give a short summary of their view of the current crisis and its impact. Clive will then ask a key question to each panellist based on their particular operation and experience.

    After the panel session there will then be a short commercial break, after which there will be a Question Hour, for online attendees to raise their own questions which will be put to selected panelists. For more information on the webinar please visit:

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