Капитальные инвестиции в Туапсе

Tuapse Increases CAPEX 2.6-Fold

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    Tuapse Commercial Sea Port, part of UCLH, plans 1,931 mn rubles of investment in 2018. For 2017, Tuapse planned 741.2 mn rubles of CAPEX, 40% above the 2016 figure, which was 523.6 mn rubles.

    Investment is planned at the company’s own expense. The major part, 850 mn rubles, is designated for the grain terminal reconstruction program. In 2018 new equipment is to be purchased, project designing is to be completed and actual construction is to start.

    The estimated total cost of the project to be accomplished by 2021 is 3.6 bn rubles. The project envisages increasing the terminal capacity up to 3 mn tons, expanding the number of grains handled, and developing the port rail infrastructure, which is expected to help increase handling capacity for other dry cargo, too.

    637 mn rubles is earmarked for increasing ferrous metals handling capacity. In 2018 Tuapse Commercial Sea Port intends to have two 50-ton capacity Vityaz cranes built and to purchase two forklifts for this purpose. This will allow handling slabs up to 60 tons and improve the efficiency of handling steel rolls up to 32 tons.

    239.3 mn rubles is aimed for the long-term technical modernization program, which envisages having another Vityaz crane built, this time with a 40 ton lifting capacity, as well as acquiring new loading equipment.

    54.7 mn rubles is intended for maintaining the ro-ro terminal, and 14 mn for completing the construction of a gas pipeline.

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