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    Vyacheslav Puzemsky
    СЕО, Sea Connect
    People Most Important in Shipping
    Recently, Sea Connect has celebrated its tenth anniversary in St. Petersburg. Vyacheslav Puzemsky, СЕО of Sea Connect, gave SeaNews an interview about the company history, the changes in the container shipping market in Russia and abroad, and his forecasts for the near future.
    Dmitry Zotov
    Managing Director, TransFin M
    What are Sources of Container Traffic Growth in Russian Far East
    With a high USD rate, export will be growing, and vice versa. Container traffic via ports will depend on the service cost and convenience.

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    Mike Lax
    Partner with Lax & Co
    Dorogomilovsky Court vs. English High Court
    Mike Lax, Partner with Lax & Co, comments on the judgment in Sovcomflot case in Moscow court
    Roman Ipatov
    Director, Intermodal, Dachser
    LCL and LTL Demand Growing
    The growing number of players providing all sorts of services in this market allows of offering more than one variant of delivery to our customers instead of just one logistics solution as was the case several years ago.
    Georgiy Vlastopulo
    Managing Director, Optimal Logistics
    Focus on China
    Chinese goods are as a rule cheap, which leaves room for doubts, often not without reasons, that the customs value declared is valid. Often the materials of which the goods in question were produced cost more than the goods.

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  • Statistics and Analysis for All RF Sea Ports and Terminals

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    Peregrine Storrs-Fox
    Risk Management Director at TT Club Mutual Insurance
    Uncollected Cargo – Mitigating the Risks
    How to minimize an uncollected cargo risk and what to do if it’s already happen
    Alexey Grechany
    Project Manager, Sea Data Lab
    Cybersecurity and Shipping
    Alexey Grechany, Project Manager, Sea Data Lab, on specific threats poised by cyber attacks for the shipping industry

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