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    Russian Government Approves Plan to Implement Arctic Zone Development Strategy
    The RF Government has approved an action plan to implement the Arctic zone development […]
    Russia Suspends Right of Innocent Passage in Three Areas of its Black Sea Territorial Waters
    The Kerch Strait and the approaching fairways are not subject to the restriction and will be used as usual.
    Russia Introduces Export Due for Sunflower Oil
    Russia is introducing a floating customs duty for export of sunflower oil and changing […]
    New CEO in Rosmorport
    Alexander Smirnov has been appointed CEO of Russia’s Rosmorport federal port agency. In this […]
    Russia and Belarus Sign Agreement on Export of Belarussian Oil Products via Russian Ports
    On February 19, an intergovernmental agreement on handling Belarussian oil products via Russian ports […]
    140 Mn Tons of LNG by 2035
    Russia has a potential to increase LNG production up to 140 mn tons annually […]
    Russia Amends Grain Export Dues
    The Russian Government has amended export dues for wheat, barley and corn in order […]
    Ex Rosmorport Director Appointed Head of Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport
    Andrey Lavrischev has been appointed head of the Federal Agency for Maritime and River […]
    New Deputy Transport Minister Appointed
    Alexander Poshivay has been appointed deputy minister of transport of the Russian Federation. Until […]
    President Putin Instructs to Update Legislation to Provide for Autonomous Shipping
    RF President Vladimir Putin has instructed the Government with amending the legislation in order […]
    RF Transport Minister Appointed
    RF President Vladimir Putin signed a decree On Minister of transport of the Russian […]
    Port Zone and Caspian Cluster to Be Established in Astrakhan Oblast
    A special port economic zone is to be established in Astrakhan Oblast according to the […]
    Interim Transport Minister Appointed
    RF Premier Mikhail Mishustin has appointed Alexander Neradko, first deputy of transport and head […]
    Aeroflot Man Named Candidate for Minister of Transport Position
    Yevgeny Dietrich has been relieved from the office of the RF Minister of Transport […]
    Rosmorport to Be Incorporated
    A bill on incorporating Rosmorport has been submitted to the RF Government. At present, […]
    Belarussian Oil Products Export Can be Redirected to Russian Ports
    Russia and Belarus are discussing redirecting Belarussian oil products export to Russian North-West ports […]
    Russia Allows Crew Change
    The Russian Federation is lifting restrictions on entrance/departure of crew members of sea-going an […]
    New Port of Lagan Included into RF Territory Planning Scheme
    The new port of Lagan project has been included into the RF territory planning […]
    Russian Government to Subsidize Shipping
    Russian shipping companies will receive 320 mn rubles ($4.4 mn) as subsidies from the […]
    Russian Railways Cut Investment Programme by 200 Billion
    Russian Railways will cut their investment programme by 200 bn rubles ($2.8 bn), company […]
    Russian Government Suspends Fuel Import
    The Government of the Russian Federation has prohibited the import of several types of […]
    FONASBA Update on Crew Change in Russian Ports
    FONASBA has issued a new update of the measures taken to prevent the spread […]
    Grain Export Quota Fulfilled
    In April 26, 2020 the non-tariff quota for grain export from Russia that amounted […]
    North-West Operative Customs Chief Appointed
    Colonel Nikolay Lagirev has been appointed Chief of the North-West Operative Customs, part of […]
    First e-Customs in NW Russia Starts Operations
    The first electronic customs in North-West Russia started operation in St. Petersburg as part […]
    Russia Imposes Grain Export Quota
    The Russian Government has introduces a quota for the export of rye, barley and […]
    Onion, Garlic and Cereals Export from Eurasian Economic Union Suspended
    The Eurasian Economic Board has suspended export of a number of food and agri […]
    Head of Rosmorrechflot Appointed
    Alexander Poshivay has been confirmed as Head of the Federal Agency of maritime and […]
    Foreign-Flagged Icebreakers Allowed in Russia
    The President of the Russian Federation has signed the Federal Bill “On amendments to […]
    Deputy Head of Rosmorrechflot Appointed
    Konstantin Anisimov has been appointed deputy head of the Federal Agency for maritime and […]
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