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    New Cabinet Appointed in Russia
    Evgeny Dietrich remains the minister of transport.
    RF Government Intends to Limit Grain Export
    In January 2020 a new bill limiting grain export from the Russian Federation outside the Eurasian Union is […]
    Transport Ministry Appointments
    Alexander Poshivay, deputy head of the Federal Agency of maritime and river transport (Rosmorrechflot) has been appointed deputy […]
    Deputy Head of Rosmorrechflot Relieved from Duty
    Viktor Vovk, deputy head of the RF Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport (Rosmorrechflot) has been relieved […]
    Aviation Agency Deputy Head Appointed
    Dmitry Yadrov has been appointed deputy head of the RF Federal Air Transport Agency. RF Premier Dmitry Medvedev […]
    Deputy Head of Federal Customs Service Appointed
    Yelena Yagodkina has been appointed deputy Head of Federal Customs Service. RF Premier Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree […]
    Deputy Head of Customs Service Appointed
    Vladimir Ivin has been appointed deputy head of the RF Federal Customs Service. An order to this effect […]
    New Port on Taimyr Peninsula
    The Russian government has approved a package of projects to be realized as part of the Yenisei Siberia […]
    Secretary of State for Transport Appointed
    Dmitry Zverev has been appointed Secretary of State, Vice Minister of transport of Russia. Until recently, he held […]
    Foreign-Flagged Tankers Allowed to Trade from Sabetta
    The Government of the Russian Federation has allowed vessels flying foreign flags to transport gas and condensed gas […]
    Deputy Change in Romorrechflot
    Zakhariy Dzhioev, formerly head of the economic and finance directorate of the RF Federal Agency for Maritime and […]
    Russian Far East Development Ministry Gets Powers over Arctic
    Executive Order to improve government administration of the development of Russia’s Arctic zone signed
    Bill on Rosatom and Northern Sea Route
    RF President Vladimir Putin has signed the Federal Law assigning the State corporation Rosatom with a number of […]
    New Deputy Transport Minister Appointed
    Vladimir Tokarev has been appointed deputy minister of transport of Russia. A decree to this effect was signed […]
    New Chief in NW Customs Administration
    Alexander Povod has been appointed new chief of the North-Western Customs Administration. The order of the Federal Customs […]
    Presidential Plenipotentiary Appointed for NW Federal District
    New Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy has been appointed to the North- Western Federal District. RF President Vladimir Putin signed the Executive […]
    On Proposed Ban for Foreign-Built Ships on Northern Sea Route
    LNG exporters will have an opportunity to deploy foreign-flagged vessels to transport gas along the Northern Sea Route […]
    Vice Minister Appointed Acting Governor
    Roman Starovoit, who quite recently was appointed vice minister of transport, has been appointed acting Governor of Kursk […]
    New Vice Transport Minister Appointed
    Alexey Semenov has been appointed vice minister of transport of Russia. A decree to this effect was signed […]
    North-West Customs Directorate Head Dismissed
    According to the RF Federal Customs Service, Alexander Getman, Head of the North-West Customs Directorate, was dismissed as […]
    New Vice Minister of Transport Appointed
    Roman Starovoit, former head of the RF Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor), has been appointed Vice Minister of transport […]
    Deputy Head of Rosmorrechflot Appointed
    Andrey Tarasenko, former CEO of Rosmoport and until recently acting Governor of Primorsk Region, has been appointed Deputy […]
    Appointment in Transport Ministry
    Director of the department of state policy in maritime and inland transport appointed
    President Signs Bill on Ruble Tariffs
    RF President Vladimir Putin signed the Federal Bill on changes to the Federal Bill on Sea Ports, which […]
    Senior Vice-Minister of Transport Appointed
    Innokentiy Alafinov has been appointed Senior Vice-Minister of Transport of Russia. Premier Dmitry Medvedev signed  decree to this […]
    Sovcomflot Man Appointed Vice Minister
    Yury Tsvetkov has been appointed Vice Minister of transport responsible for shipping and ports. He will also be […]
    Northern Sea Route Directorate Established
    Ex deputy minister appointed head of the directorate
    Palmali Vessels Detained in Rostov and Azov
    The RF Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport (Romorrechflot) has published information on the detention of three […]
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