Правительство ввело временный запрет на экспорт сахара

Russia Suspends Sugar Exports

  • The Government of the Russian Federation has decided to temporarily restrict the export of cane and beetroot sugar and chemically pure sucrose, the Government said in its social media account.

    According to the degree signed, the ban will be in force till August 31, 2024. The decision is aimed at maintaining the stability in the domestic food market.

    The ban allows of limited exports of sugar to the Eurasian Union member countries:

    • 28,000 tons to Armenia,
    • 5,000 tons of Belarus,
    • 120,000 tons to Kazakhstan,
    • 28,500 tons to Kyrghyzstan.

    The Ministry of agriculture is to distribute these quotas between exporters.

    Photo: RF Government

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