Финляндия вводит новые ограничения в работе пунктов пропуска на границе с Россией

Additional Restrictions on Russia-Finland Maritime Border

  • The Government of Finland has decided to close the border crossing points for maritime traffic at Haapasaari, the port of Nuijamaa and Santio for leisure boating as of 15 April 2024.

    However, the restrictions on maritime traffic do not apply to freight vessels, the Finnish Customs Service Tulli reports.

    Until further notice, the land border crossing points of Imatra, Kuusamo, Niirala, Nuijamaa, Raja-Jooseppi, Salla, Vaalimaa and Vartius between Finland and Russia remain closed for goods and passenger traffic by road.

    The Vainikkala border crossing point will continue to remain open for freight train traffic. 

    Photo: Rosmorrechflot

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