«Время досмотра грузового транспорта на границе не должно превышать 10 минут» – В.Путин

V.Putin: Customs Clearance for Freight Transport on Border Should Not Exceed 10 Minutes

  • In his Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly Vladimir Putin delivered yesterday in Moscow he spoke of the waiting times at border checkpoints.

    ‘This has become an urgent matter in Russia’s Far East. Customs clearance must take 19 minutes according to our standards, but in reality truck drivers usually have to wait for hours to cross the border,’ the President said.

    ‘Our colleagues from the Ministry of Transport have a specific objective to reduce customs clearance times for freight transport on the border so that it does not exceed 10 minutes. The latest technological solutions can make this happen,’ the Kremlin press office quotes Vladimir Putin as saying.

    ‘These requirements are also essential for the North-South transport corridor to be effective. This route will link Russia to countries in the Middle East and Asia, and will rely on motorways, as well as seamless rail connections, from our ports in the Baltic and Barents seas all the way to the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. We will also increase the carrying capacity of our southbound railways to make better use of our ports in the Azov and Black seas,’ the President concluded.

    Photo: Kremlin press office

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