Утверждены квоты на экспорт рыбных консервов и консервированных морепродуктов

Russia Sets Quotas for Canned Fish and Seafood Exports from Kaliningrad

  • The Government of the Russian Federation has set quotas for canned fish and seafood exports from Kaliningrad region outside the Eurasian Union that is not subject to export fee.

    The decision was made with the availability of those products in the home market in view and is aimed at supporting manufacturers so that they retain their export geographic scope and maintain the profitability of exports, the Government said in a statement.

    The quota for non-taxed exports of canned fish made in Kaliningrad region is set at 4,400 tons, and that for canned seafood is 100 tons.

    The quotas will be in force till December 31, 2024.

    Photo: public source

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