11 новых контейнерных кранов для ВМТП

11 New RTG Cranes for Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port

  • FESCO Transport Group has acquired eleven new RTH cranes for its Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port (VMTP) in the Russian Far East, the Group said in a statement.

    The new equipment was tailor-made by ZPMC. The 45-ton cranes have a gauge width of 26 meters and a hoisting height of 21 meter under the spreader.

    The cranes are equipped with video cameras, LED lighting, fire signalization and automatic fire fighting systems, and state of the art ergonomic cabins.

    Specially for Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port, ZPMC developed and installed an innovation eight-rope lifting system.

    The cranes were delivered to Vladivostok directly from the manufacturer on board a specialized vessel that was able to accommodate all the 11 units.

    Once mounted and configured, the cranes will be deployed at VMTP’s universal and container terminals.

    Photo: courtesy of FESCO

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