На доставке грузов в Калининград задействовано 18 судов

18 Vessels Deployed to Serve Kaliningrad

  • With the assistance of the federal authorities, Kaliningrad Oblast is coping well with the logistics and transport challenges it is currently facing, but further development is necessary, Maxim Reshetnikov, Deputy Minister of economic development, said during his visit to the region.

    ‘Kaliningrad Oblast was the first to face such sanctions. The main challenge in this respect is transport, and necessary decisions were made. First and foremost, they concern subsidizing sea shipping, new vessels and ferries,’ the press office of the regional government quotes Reshetnikov as saying.

    ‘However, in the long run the problem remains. Additional carrying capacity is needed. We have agreed with the Governor of the region to evaluate the transport and trade balance and discuss the issue with the Ministry of transport,’ he added.

    Together with Governor Anton Alikhanov Reshetnikov visited the railway ferry terminal in the port of Baltiysk. At the moment, the ferry “Marshal Rokossovsky” was being loaded with cargo designated for mainland Russia.

    At present, 18 vessels are deployed to transport cargo between Kaliningrad Oblast and the rest of Russia. Most of them were redeployed this year from other routes due to the sanctions.

    Photo: Kaliningrad Oblast Government press office

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