КТК запустил еще один выносной причал

Caspian Pipeline Consortium Resumes SPM 1 Operations

  • Caspian Pipeline Consortium has replaced the buoyancy tank at the Single Point Mooring 1 (SPM 1) and resumed operations as of November 12, the Consortium said.

    Now that the hydrostatic test were successfully completed, loading onto the MT “Minerva Sophia” is underway.

    In August 2022, Caspian Pipeline Consortium stopped loading from two Single Point Moorings following the discovery of cracks on SPM 1 and SPM 2 in buoyancy tank to subsea hose connections.

    The stop was also recommended by IMODCO, SPM manufacturer, and ABS, classification society, which controls safe operation of units.

    At present, preparations for replacing the buoyancy tank at SPM 2 are underway.

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