Регулярный контейнерный поезд из Находки в Краснодар

Block Train Service to Krasnodar for APR Imports

  • TransContainer has launched a regular block train from the railway station of Nakhodka Vostochnaya in the Russian Far East for imports from the APR to Krasnodar in the Russian South.

    Cargo is shipped by sea to the VSC terminal in the port of Vostochny and then delivered to customers by rail. The first train carried 79 units (150 TEU) with consumer goods from China.

    The transit time by rail makes 13 days. The planned service frequency is twice a month, TransContainer said in a statement.

    Until now, TransContainer offered regular service from Nakhodka to the Russian South to its terminal in Rostov-na-Donu only. Diversifying the geography helps to improve the transit time and relieve the workload on the Rostov terminal.

    While in January this year the terminal in Rostov handled three block trains daily, in October their number grew to make 18 trains a day.

    To cope with the growing traffic via Rostov, the company has expanded the customs control zone, put into operation an additional reach stacker and increased the operations hours from 12 hours a day to round-the-clock.

    Photo: courtesy of TransContainer

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