Три триллиона на три года

Three Trillion Investment Program for Russian Railways

  • This year’s investment programme of Russian Railways is worth over 800 nb rubles ($13 mn), the investment programme for the next three years will amount to 3 trillion rubles (448.6 bn), RF Premier Mikhail Mishustin said at the meeting held on October 18 to discuss railway infrastructure development in the Russian Far East and Siberia.

    “Expanding railway infrastructure sets the quality development tempo for the mining and manufacturing industries and has a direct impact on the orders companies receive and their headcount as well as on products export growth and the country’s transit potential development,” the Government press office quotes Mishistin as saying.

    “To help the business under the unprecedented sanctions, the Government focuses on developing new transport routes, first and foremost in the eastern and Azov and Black Sea directions, as well as the international North-South corridor,” he added.

    To develop new logistics for export and import, the Government has made up a comprehensive plan aimed at developing high quality infrastructure, he said. According to Mishustin, the road maps until 2030 are worth over 4.5 trillion rubles ($73 bn) including some 300 bn ($4.9 bn) froe the federal budget.

    The conservative scenario envisages an increase in freight traffic by all the modes of transport by 135% up to some 32.5 mn tons by the North-South corridor, by almost 70% up to 300 mn tons in the Azov and Black Sea direction, and by a quarter up to some 350 mn tons in the eastern direction during that period, Mishistin said.

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