Лк Урал ходовые Балтийский флот

“Ural” Nuclear icebreaker Sets Off for Sea Trials

  • The nuclear icebreaker “Ural” built at St. Petersburg’s Baltic Shipyard set off for sea trials on Friday. The towage services are provided by Baltiysky Flot (Baltic Fleet).

    All the five powerful tugboats in the company’s fleet, “Lukman”, “Taifun”, “Tornado”, “Akmal” and “M.Salnikov” are deployed, Baltiysky Flot told SeaNews.

    The sea trials are to last for three weeks. During this period, all the onboard systems and mechanisms are to be tested, including the reactor and steam turbine units. Also, the speed and maneuverability qualities of the vessel will be checked.

    The 22220 Design is the world’s most powerful icebreaker. The vessels built to this project will be deployed mainly to provide round the year assistance to commercial shipping in the Western Arctic.

    Technical details of Project 22220:

    • Deep displacement: 33,540 tons
    • Length overall: 173.3 m
    • Beam overall: 34 m
    • Amidships height to upper deck: 15.2 m
    • Draft on design waterline: 10.5 m
    • Minimum operating draft: 8.55 m
    • Maximum operating ice thickness: 2.8 m
    • Nuclear power plant includes the RITM-200 reactor unit with a capacity: 175 MW
    • Steam turbine unit with an output: 72 MW
    • Crew: 75 persons
    • Life cycle: 40 years.

    The Project 22220 lead ship, the icebreaker “Arktika”, was delivered in October 2020, and the first serial icebreaker “Sibir” started operations this year.

    Photo: Baltiysky Flot


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