Грузооборот российского транспорта, 8 месяцев 2020: сократились перевозки по всем видам транспорта

Trucks from EU, UK, Norway and Ukraine Banned in Russia

  • The Government of the Russian Federation has implemented a ban on using vehicles registered in the EU, Norway, Ukraine and the UK in international road transportation across the territory of the Russian Federation. Order No 1728 introducing the ban was signed by RF Premier Mikhail Mishustin on September 30, 2022 and entered into force on October 10.

    To deliver goods from ‘unfriendly’ countries to customers in Russia, they will be loaded onto vehicles registered in Russia and Belarus at customs terminals in border-crossing checkpoints in Pskov, Kaliningrad, Leningrad, Murmansk regions, in Karelia and St. Petersburg.

    The ban does not apply to goods designated for Kaliningrad Oblast or exported from Kaliningrad Oblast. Also, foreign-registered vehicles will be allowed to continue transporting goods on the territory of the Russian Federation in case cross-docking operations are impossible or can lead to goods damage or deterioration.

    Earlier, RF President Vladimir Putin signed an Executive Order On Some Aspects of International Road Transport of Goods authorizing the Government to implement a ban on international road transport of goods via the territory of the Russian Federation for vehicles of international carriers registered in the states that have adopted restrictions against citizens of the Russian Federation and Russian legal entities in the area of international road transport of goods.

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