«Ростех» создал импортозамещающее оборудование для газодобывающих морских платформ

Rostec Develops Import Substitution Equipment for Offshore Gas Rigs

  • Rostec’s United Engine Building Corporation has started factory performance tests of a gas turbine aggregate for ice-resistant offshore gas rigs. According to Rostec, this is the first Russian made aggregate of the kind for offshore operations capable of replacing equipment of foreign make.

    The 8 MWt GTA-8 gas turbine aggregate is designed for the GTES-32 gas turbine power unit of the ice resistant offshore rig deployed by Gazprom in the Kamennomysskoe More field. The power unit will fully cover the rig’s need for heat and power.

    GTA-8 aggregates are undergoing technical supervision procedures to confirm compliance with the requirements of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

    They are equipped with dual-fuel GTD-8RM engines manufactured by ODK-Saturn that allow of using both gas and liquid fuels.

    The GTES-32 gas turbine power unit for the Kamennomysskoe More field will consist of four GTA-8 aggregates. The first aggregate is to be delivered to the customer this year, the rest are to be delivered in 2023.

    ‘Of late, only imported power units were used in offshore exploration projects. Starting testing the GTA-8 is an important milestone in promoting domestically made equipment in the energy market. Rostec has all the research and manufacturing expertise it takes to replace imported equipment in this segment,” Vladimir Artyakov, Deputy CEO of Rostec, said.

    Photo: Rostec

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