Грузооборот Балтийского бассейна в апреле 2022 года

Export via Ust-Luga Growing in January-July 2022

  • Export via Russia’s port Ust-Luga in the Baltic grew 26.8% year-on-year to make 10.4 mn tons of cargo.

    According to SeaNews PORTSTAT analytic online service, the major export commodities in Ust-Luga are coal and coke accounting for 32.7% of the total throughput, crude oil (27%) and oil products (26.7%).

    The export commodities that grew the most were liquid chemicals (up 6.3-folr to 916.4 thousand tons), crude oil (up 76% to 2.8 mn tons), liquefied gas (up 41% to 66.2 thousand tons), and oil products (up 14.3% to 2.8 mn tons).

    Coal and coke exports via Ust-Luga declined 8.8% down to 3.4 mn tons.

    Export freight traffic via Ust-Luga was up 15.5% year-on-year in April 2022, up 15% in May and up 21.6% in June.

    Photo: Усть-Луга.рф

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