Первый контейнерный поезд с грузом из Китая, доставленным по новому мосту через реку Амур

New China – Russia Multimodal Container Service

  • RZD Business Asset in cooperation with Octet Cargo have launched a new multimodal container service from China to Russia via the new customs checkpoint Kani-Kurgan.

    According to RZD Business Asset, the first block train carrying fifty 40’ units laden with medicines and medical equipment left the station of Blagoveschensk in the Russian Far East on August 11. The destination is RZD Business Asset’ s terminal Bezymyanka in Samara.

    The multimodal service includes trucking via the new bridge across the Amur River that was put into operation earlier this year. Cargo is accumulated, customs cleared, handled and prepared for loading at the Kanikurgan customs and logistics terminal.

    The new service will operate on a regular basis once a week. In future, the Kanikurgan customs and logistics terminal will be capable of loading block trains with a daily frequency.

    Photo: RZD Business Asset

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