Объем перевозок грузов странами ЕАЭС, 3 месяца 2022

Eurasian Economic Community Increases Freight Transportation

  • In Q1, 2022, the aggregate freight transportation volume by all transport modes in the Eurasian Economic Community made 2.66 bn tons, up 2.2% year-on-year.

    According to the EAEC Statistics Department, almost all the members of the Union saw their freight traffic growth, with the exception of Belarus, where freight transportation was down 8.2% to 77.7 mn tons.

    Road freight in the EAEC was up 2.7% to 1.8 mn tons, rail freight increased by 2.2% up to 445.8 mn tons, pipeline traffic declined by 0.2% to 391.9 mn tons.

    Water transport cargo traffic grew by 5.4% year-on-year to 11.9 mn tons, while air freight dropped 23.5% down o 258.3 thousand tons.

    Russian shipping companies carried the largest share of the overall cargo transported by water, 11.56 mn tons, up 4.7% uear-on-year.

    Kazakhstan increased its water-transported volumes by 8.9% up to 245.5 thousand tons and Belarus 17.5-fold up to 7534 thousand tons.

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