Первое в навигацию-2022 грузовое судно в порту Тикси

First Cargo Vessel in Tiksi during Navigation 2022

  • The MV “Barents” operated by Eco Shipping berthed in the Arctic sea port of Tiksi on July 23 becoming the first ship to call Tiksi during the navigation season of 2022.

    The “Barents” delivered from Arkhangelsk more than 2.3 thousand tons of cargo including food products, equipment and construction materials for the residents and businesses in Tiksi.

    The vessels was expected to have arrived on July 22, but was prevented by harsh weather and ice conditions in the Vilkitsky Strait. After unloading, the “Barents” will return to Arkhangelsk.

    Photo: RF Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport

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