Первый полносоставный контрейлерный поезд из Подмосковья в Новосибирск

First Full Contrailer Train from Moscow Region to Novosibirsk

  • On July 20, the first full contrailer train left the rail station of Silikatnaya in Moscow region for Novosibirsk, Russian Railways announced. This is the first time that 30 semi-trailers laden with metallurgic products will carried by this route by rail, and not by road.

    Previously, two or three railcars with semi-trailers were sent as part of freight trains, but this time cargo for a full contrailer train was accumulated, Mikhail Glazkov, Russian Railways Deputy CEO, Head of the Central Operations Directorate. He added that during the first half od 2022, contrailer transportation by the Russian railway network more than tripled.

    The Silikatnaya – Novosibirsk train will run a distance of some 3.3 thousand km in about 3.5 days. The train will run back also carrying laden semi-trailers. In future, it is planned to operate contrailer trains on this route on a regular schedule.

    Photo: courtesy of Russian Railways


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