РЖД направили в Совет ЕС заявление об отмене ограничений в отношении компании

Russian Railways Request EU Council to Lift Sanctions

  • Russian Railways has submitted a request to lift the sanctions against the company to the EU Council, RZD said in a statement. ‘The company deems the sanctions implemented by the EU are aimed at limiting RZD’s options to perform socially important, humanitarian functions and are discriminating the population of the Russian Federation. Besides, they run counter numerous international laws and EU acts,’ the statement goes.

    ‘One of the core activities of RZD is providing equal domestic travel opportunities for millions of people living in the Russian Federation, including those living in remote hard-to-access areas, as well as socially vulnerable groups like pensioners, people with health problems, families with many children. The EU Council classifies trains as luxury items for Russian citizens and blocks their supply and maintenance by its acts. However, on its territory, the EU promotes railways as widely accessible and carbon neutral mode of transport,’ it continues.

    Besides, the EU Council has illegitimately included Russian Railways into its sanctions list thus preventing it from attracting financing. Apart from the negative humanitarian impact, the sanctions are breeching the basic legal principles of freedom of business and property postulated by the fundamental documents of the EU, RZD stated.

    Russian Railways believe it makes no sense to bring the sanctions case to court taking into account the prejudiced position of the E$U Court in many other cases brought up by Russian individuals and organizations, the company said.

    Photo: Russian Railways


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