Полтриллиона на поддержку транспортной отрасли

511 Bn Rubles for Transport Sector

  • The overall sum assigned to aid the Russian transport sections under the sanctions pressure has amounted to 511 bn rubles ($8.1 bn), RF Premier Mikhail MIshustin said at a strategic session for transport on July 19.

    ‘The Government has made a number of decisions to compensate for the negative impact for the sector. Large-scale was part of the priority actions plan. This aid measures are worth more than half a trillion rubles including 120 bn assigned to support air transport. It was a decision that we made in a meeting with the President,’ Mishustin reminded.

    He noted that this and other measures helped mitigate the impact of the sanctions on the transport sector. ‘During the first five months of this year the transport sector demonstrated a positive year-on-year growth by almost 2%, 1.8%, to be exact,’ he said.

    ‘Under the new conditions, we ought to globally shift our future priorities for the entire transport sphere, our main task is to modernize it,’ Mishustin added.

    It is necessary to continue working to protect the interests of passengers and shippers as provided by the Transport Strategy, continue implementing measures aimed at ensuring mobility, accessibility and connections between different territories of the country.

    ‘Expanding links with friendly countries is a key factor in modernizing different industry branches, agriculture, the energy sector. It is important to develop manufacturing goods and equipment for the transport sector. I have already mentioned air transport, but we will also need vessels, state of the art railway rolling stock made from domestically produced components, trucks, public transport, construction equipment,’ Mishustin said.

    He also stressed the need for digital transportation of the sector. ‘It is necessary in order to cut expenses and facilitate freight and passenger transportation, and also as an instrument to improve general operations efficiency,’ he added.

    Photo: RF Government press office

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