«Норникель» открыл ситуационный центр логистики в Дудинке

Norilsk Nickel Establishes Situation Logistics Center

  • Norilsk Nickel has established a situation logistics center in its Polar affiliate in Dudinka. The center is set up to plan and coordinate logistics activities of the company’s divisions in the Norilsk industrial area.

    Its main task is to provide for rhythmic delivery of material and technical resources for the companies of the Norilsk industrial area and investment projects aimed at capital construction in the region, the company said in a statement.

    The need for a situation logistics center arose from the growth of cargo traffic for lathe investment projects of the company and the renovation of Norilsk. Part of cargo arriving at the port of Dudinka is delivered to companies immediately, and part is stored at warehouses before being distributed between consumers.

    Each company has its own team that monitors freight flows. With the situation logistics center in place, it will function as a single well-balanced mechanism to manage transport and logistics.

    The center will plan the companies’ transport logistics operations, revise freight transportation plans, and forecast freight flows optimizing delivery process and organizing multimodal supply chains.

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