Завершена поставка основного оборудования для ледокола «Якутия»

Nuclear Reactor for Yakutia Icebreaker Loaded for Delivery

  • ZiO Podolsk, part of Rosatom Corporation, has loaded for delivery a second RITM-200 onboard nuclear reactor for the second serial Design 22220 nuclear icebreaker “Yakutia”. This marks the completion of delivery of the main equipment for the vessel, Rosatom said.

    RITM-200 is a state f the art nuclear power system for icebreaking fleet developed by the machine building division of Rosatom State Corporation. The 147.5 ton reactor measures 7.3 m in height and 3.3 m in diameter.

    The high and heavy reactor is carried on a specialized railway 240-ton capacity transporter to the railway station of Novy Port in St. Petersburg, where it will be loaded onto a barge and shipped to the yard.

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