Новый контейнерный поезд из Владивостока в Самару

New Block Train from Vladivostok to Samara

  • FESCO Transport Group has launched a new block train from Commercial Port of Vladivostok to Samara as part of its FESCO Volga Shuttle service.

    The train frequency will be fortnightly with a transit time of 11 days. The first train laden with 46 40’ units and 9 20’ units left Vladivostok on July 9. The service is aimed mainly for consumer goods.

    As part of the service FESCO offers trucking from the rail station of Bezymyamka in Samara to Saramsk, Togliatti, Ulyanovsk, Cheboksary, Kazan, Orenburg and other destinations in the Volga and Urals region.

    At present, FESCO operates seven train services from Vladivostok to different regions in Russia.

    Photo: courtesy of FESCO

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