КТК заменили приостановку операций штрафом

Court Replaces Administrative Business Suspension for CPC with Fine

  • Krasnodar Kray Court considered the appeal against the Ruling of Novorossiysk Primorsky District Court, which imposed an administrative penalty on JSC “Caspian Pipeline Consortium – R” under Part 4 Art. 14.1.2 of the RF CoAO in the form of administrative suspension of business for a period of 30 days, CPC said in a statement.

    ‘Having reviewed the materials, heard the arguments of the parties, the court of appellate instance amended the District court’s Ruling, assigning JSC Caspian Pipeline Consortium-R a penalty in the form of an administrative fine of 200,000 rubles. The Ruling came into legal effect,’ the company reported.

    ‘CPC-R JSC is a business with pressing continuity, immediate suspension of its activity may lead to irreversible consequences for the operation process, emergence and development of an adverse and uncontrollable process at a technical facility, including its destruction, since the process requirements for oil transportation do not allow the immediate and simultaneous shutdown of operation,’ CPC emphasized.

    ‘Meanwhile, CPC is currently engaged in eliminating the findings revealed in the course of Rostransnadzor’s findings in execution of Instruction No. ВА-П11-5574 of Viktoria Abramchenko, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation Government. The findings are planned to be eliminated as soon as possible,’ the company promised.

    Photo: CPC


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