Первый контейнерный поезд из Китая через Камышовую

FESCO Launches Public Shanghai – Moscow Block Train

  • FESCO Transport Group has launched its first public block train from Shanghai to Moscow as part of its FESCO Asia Landborder Train, a public rail service from different origins in China to Russia via Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

    The train consisting of 49 40’ units and two 20’ containers belonging to FESCO left from the rail station of Minhang in Shanghai on July 3, the company said.

    When arriving at the Erlian/Zmyn-Uud rail border crossing on the China – Mongolia border, the boxes will be loaded onto 1520 mm gauge platforms to be transported to the destination at the Silikatnay rail station in Moscow region.

    Trains will run from Shanghai twice a month, in future the service frequency can be expanded. FESCO also offers customs clearance and door deliver to the customers’ warehouse. The transit time is 20 days.

    The company expects the freight flow will consist mainly of construction materials, household appliances, clothes and other goods.

    Photo: courtesy of FESCO

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