Полномочия по управлению Северным морским путем централизуют

Rosatom Appointed Responsible for Organizing Vessel Traffic in Northern Sea Route

  • Rosatom State Corporation has been appointed responsible for organizing vessel traffic in the Northern Sea Route basin, RF Premier Mikhail Mishustin said at the meeting of the RF Government on June 2.

    ‘Under the pressure of the sanctions, the development of the Northern Sea Route becomes a priority task for our country. It is a reliable and safe transport corridor within the territorial waters and exclusive economic zone of Russia that can be actively used as an alternative route to export products to friendly countries’, he said.

    Mishustin noted that the President has commissioned the Government to make amendments to the legislation to provide for centralizing administrative authorities to manage the Norther Sea Route. ‘Rosatom State Corporations, which operates a unique icebreaking fleet, will be responsible for organizing vessel traffic in the Northern Sea Route basin’, he said.

    ‘Vessel traffic is getting more busy, and the navigation period [in the Northern Sea Route] is extended every year. The decision made today is to make navigation safer”, he added.


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