Ледокол «Виктор Черномырдин» успешно выполнил программу ледовых испытаний

Viktor Chernomyrdin Icebreaker Completes Ice Trials

  • Russia’s and world’s largest non-nuclear icebreaker “Viktor Chernomyrdin” has successfully completed ice trials confirming its high icebreaking characteristics, Rosmorport said.

    The vessel demonstrated its capability to move in solid ice fields up to 2 meters thick and break ice up to 3 meters thick. The two-stage ice trials were held in the ice fields between the Kamennye Isles and mainland Russia (stage one) and near the island of Belukha at stage two.

    The icebreaker covered a distance of some 1,000 miles during the trials.

    Photo: Rosmorport


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