Уникальная операция на атомном ледоколе «Якутия»

Unique Operation on Board “Yakutia” Nuclear Icebreaker

  • Baltic Shipyard has loaded reactor protective shell on board the Project 22220 nuclear icebreaker “Yakutia” in a unique operation.

    The protective shell consists of 8 sections weighing 30 to 33 tons, the total weight of the shell amounts to 220 tons. The loading operation took 4 cranes and 8 hours to accomplish.

    The “Yakutia” is the third serial Project 22220 icebreaker built at Baltic Shipyard to the order of Rosatom State Corporation.

    The series consists of five vessels, namely, the lead ship “Arktika” and the four serial icebreakers “Sibir”, “Ural”, “Yakutia”, and “Chukotka”.

    Technical details of Project 22220:

    • Deep displacement: 33,540 tons
    • Length overall: 173.3 m
    • Beam overall: 34 m
    • Amidships height to upper deck: 15.2 m
    • Draft on design waterline: 10.5 m
    • Minimum operating draft: 8.55 m
    • Maximum operating ice thickness: 2.9 m
    • Nuclear power plant includes the RITM-200 reactor unit with a capacity: 175 MW
    • Steam turbine unit with an output: 72 MW
    • Crew: 54 persons
    • Life cycle: 40 years.

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