Транзитная навигация на Волго-Балте открыта

Transit Navigation in Volga-Baltic Canal Opens

  • On April 26, the transit navigation in the Volga-Baltic Canal started. The first transit convoy consisted of six Volga Shipping Co’s Volgo-Don type vessels and one OT 2443 tugboat. The vessels proceeded via the Sheksna locks to Lake Onega for loading.

    The main part of the Volga-Baltic Canal stretches between Cherepovets to St. Petersburg via the lakes Beloe, Onega, and Ladoga and the rivers Neva and Svir and the Priladozhsky, Onega and Belosersky canals.

    The Volga-Baltic Canal Administration is also responsible for the rivers Volkhov, Pasha, Oyat, Syas, Lovat, Msta, Luga, Velikaya and Narva, and the lakes Ilmen, Chudskoe and Pskovskoe.

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