Правительство увеличивает квоту на экспорт удобрений

Quotas for Mineral Fertilizers Export Increased

  • The export quotas for mineral fertilizers have been temporarily increased by almost 700,000 tons in accordance with Regulation No670 signed by RF Premier Mikhail Mishustin on April 15.

    The quota for nitric fertilizers export was increased by 231,000 tons up to some 5.7 mn tons. The export quota for compound fertilizers was increased by 466,000 tons to make some 5.6 mn tons.

    The measure is expected to support mineral fertilizers producers who counting on consumers in those countries that do not support anti-Russian sanctions.

    Previously, the RF Government limited the export of nitric fertilizers setting a quota of 5.9 mn tons, and that of compound fertilizers with a quota of 5.35 mn tons.

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