«Модуль» открывает второй СВХ

Modul Opens Second Customs Bonded Warehouse in St. Petersburg

  • modul shushary 3 Modul Opens Second Customs Bonded Warehouse in St. PetersburgEnd of April, Modul is putting into operation a customs bonded warehouse on the territory of its transport and logistics terminal Modul Yuzhny in Shushary near St. Petersburg.

    The open storage yard covers 3,177 sq meters, the storage capacity of the warehouse is 300 TEU at a time. The warehouse is located on the territory of the Yuzhny customs checkpoint of the Northwest Customs Authority next to the customs inspection zone.

    The warehouse has both rail and road access and is equipped with cargo handling equipment with a capacity ranging between 15 and 60,000 kilograms.

    It is a second customs bonded warehouse operated by Modul in St. Petersburg, the first one with a capacity of 140 TEU is located at the Modul Pulkovsky terminal.

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