Новый контейнерный маршрут Новороссийск – Находка

Ruscon Sends First Block Train from Novorossiysk to Nakhodka

  • In April, Ruscon, part of Delo Group, launched its first block train from Novorossiysk to Nakhodka. 39 40’ units were stuffed with synthetic rubber at the company’s terminal in Novorossiysk.

    When delivered to Nakhodka, the containers will be loaded on board a vessel at the marine terminal of Vostochnaya Stevedoring Co and shipped to China.

    The rolling stock for the train was provided by TransContainer, Ruscon acted as a freight forwarder and logistics operator responsible for both the rail and sea legs of the route.

    According to Andrey Chernyshev, First VP of Ruscon, the route is in fact a new export corridor to link South Russia with the Asian Pacific.

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