Как расплачиваться за иностранные самолеты

Government Sets Temporary Regulations for Paying for Aircraft Lease and Acquisition

  • The Government of the Russian Federation has enacted temporary regulations for paying leasing and rental fees for aircraft and making payments for the acquisition of aircraft in 2022.

    According to the document, in case the foreign seller / leaser from an ‘unfriendly’ country has an office registered in Russia, payments should be made to its account in a Russian bank in rubles. The sum should be equivalent to that in foreign currency in accordance with the exchange rate set by the Bank of Russia on the date of payment.

    In case the foreign company related to an ‘unfriendly‘ country deals with its Russian partners via an office in a country that does not support the anti-Russia sanctions, the payments should be made either in the national currency of that third country or in rubles.

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