Железнодорожные контейнеры, 3 месяца 2022: перевозки автомобилей и комплектующих сократились

Russian Railways’ Container Traffic Up 10% YoY in Q1 2022

  • Russian Railways have reported an 10% year-on-year increase in rail container traffic during January-March 2022. All in all, more than 1.65 mn TEU was carried during the period under report.

    Domestic container traffic grew by 7.8% up to 624 thousand TEU, export decreased slightly by 0.5% down to 377 thousand TEU, import was up 29.2% to 405.1 thousand TEU, and transit up 6.9% to 245.8 thousand TEU.

    Laden container traffic exceede 1.1 mn thousand TEU, up 11.2% year-on-year.

    Commodity-wise, containerized chemical and mineral fertilizers grew the most, up 1.6-fold to 16.8 thousand TEU and fish, up 1.4-fold to 7.9 thousand TEU.

    Construction cargo was up 33% to 38 thousand TEU, non-ferrous ore and raw sulphur up 31.9% to 11 thousand TEU, other and LCL cargo up 37.9% to 47 thousand TEU.

    Containerized chemicals and soda grew by 6.5% up to 197 thousand TEU, timber and woodwork by 8.8% up to 138.6 thousand TEU, consumer goods by 12.9% up to 119.7 thousand TEU, hardware by 13.7% up to 105.8 thousand TEU, machinery, engines and equipment by 18.4% up to 99.1 thousand TEU, and paper by 1.5% up to 90.2 thousand TEU.

    Черные металлы подорожали на 1,2% до 61,2 тыс. TEU, шрот и мука подорожали на 4,4% до 2,6 тыс. TEU, картофель, овощи и фрукты подорожали на 20% до 3,6 тыс. TEU, прочие продовольственные товары подорожали на 29,3% до 90,2 тыс. TEU.

    Перевозки нефтепродуктов в контейнерах выросли на 5,1% год к году и составили 18,7 тыс. TEU, зерна в контейнерах – 10,3 тыс. TEU, рост на 9%.

    Транспортные средства и запчасти снизились на 1,6% до 65,3 тыс. TEU, цветные металлы на 3,5% до 1% до 36,4 тыс. TEU, металлоконструкции на 5,2% до 3,2 тыс. TEU.

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