Казахстан планирует создать контейнерный хаб в порту Актау

Kazakhstan Planning Container Hub in Aktau

  • The government of Kazakhstan is looking for logistics alternatives for its export and transit, TASS reports quoting Kairbek Uskenbaev, Minister of industry and infrastructure development of the country.

    He said, alternative routes and corridors to transport export and transit cargo have been studies to prevent supply chain disruption.

    According to Uskenbaev, Kazakhstan export-designated cargo is now switching to Latvian ports and the trans-Caspian international transport corridor. Kazakhstan has reached an agreement with Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey to establish a joint company to operate the route.

    The country also intends to develop its Caspian port of Aktau as a container hub on the basis of the Aktau Sea Port free economic zone. According to the Ministry of industry and infrastructure development of Kazakhstan, negotiations have been held on the subject with Singapore’s PSA International.

    It is expected that the aggregate freight traffic via the ports of Altau and Kuryk will make up to 10 mn tons by 2022.

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