Ростех реконструирует систему СУДС в порту Калининград

Rostec to Refurbish VTS in Kaliningrad

  • Roselektronika Holding, Part of Rostec Concern, is refurbishing the vessel traffic services system in the port of Kaliningrad. One of the key elements of the renovated system will be a state of the art radar post to control vessel traffic to and from the terminal of Pionersky.

    The radar post in Pionersky will provide round-the-clock monitoring of vessels and other objects in its coverage zone under any weather conditions. The equipment will allow of uninterrupted radio communication with vessels and transfer data on the current navigation situation to the VTS Center in Baltiysk.

    The new radar post will be located at Cape Gvardeysky in a 61-meter tower to be built to accommodate radiolocation equipment.

    The VTS modernization project in Kaliningrad is aimed at improving the safety of navigation in the port.

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