КБ «Вымпел» разработало проект сухогруза-контейнеровоза

Vympel Designs Dry Cargo / Container Vessel

  • Vympel Design Bureau has developed Project 00108 design of a river-sea universal dry cargo / container vessel, a new generation of the Volgo-Don Max project.

    Unlike the Volgo-Don Max vessel currently under construction, Project 00108 is designed primarily to transport containers. Due to the bridge placed in the bow part, the ship has a container capacity of 429 TEU in river and 531 TEU at sea, which is 50% above that of Project RSD59. It also offers options for transporting high and heavy cargo.

    Project 00108 vessels can operate at sea as well as in Russia’s inland waterways including the Volga-Baltic Waterway and the Volga-Don Canal.

    Project 00108 has a deadweight of 9,200 tons and cargo holds capacity of 12,000 cubic meters, and a speed of 10 knots. The cruising capacity is 20 days.

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