«ТрансКонтейнер» запускает поезд из Хабаровска в Московскую область

TransContainer Launching Block Train from Khabarovsk to Moscow

  • TransContainer has announced launching a regular block train from Khabarovsk in the Russian Far East to the station of Elekrougli in Moscow region. The service is aimed for transporting consumer goods for smaller, medium and major businesses.

    This is the first public regular interregional container service provided by TransContainer, the company said. Previously, there were just one-time container shipments by the route, which meant longer transit time and larger shipping costs. The transit time in the framework of the new service is just 10 days.

    The first train is to run on March 19, 2022. At the initial stage, the service frequency will be fortnightly, to be updated to weekly in future.

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