Число временных пунктов пропуска для экспорта лесопродукции могут увеличить

Additional Checkpoints for Timber Export May Be Opened

  • The Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation has drafted a governmental decree to increase the number of temporary cross-border checkpoints opened for timber and wood work export.

    The measure is aimed at supporting companies manufacturing export oriented goods, optimizing logistics, and providing for flexibility of logistics schemes.

    The draft decree suggests options to export sawn goods, pellets and briquets, which are in high demand in Denmark, Belgium, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, China, the Netherlands and Finland.

    The decree will not apply to the commodities that were banned for export by Governmental decrees No 311, 312, ab 313 of March 9, 2022. 

    Earlier this year, Russia limited the number of cross-border checkpoint open for export of timber cargoes to the EU from more than 30 down to just one, namely, Ljuttja-Vartius on the border with Finland

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