Минпромторг рекомендовал ограничить экспорт удобрений

Russian Fertilizers Manufacturers Recommended to Suspend Export Shipments

  • The RF Ministry of Industry and Trade has recommended Russian manufacturers to suspend temporarily exporting Russian-made fertilizers until foreign logistics providers resume reliable service and guarantee fully meeting their contractual obligations, Minister Denis Manturov said in a meeting held on March 4 to discuss the situation in the mineral fertilizers market.

    “At present we are seeing a situation when due to the sabotage of a number of foreign logistics operators agricultural producers in Europe and other countries cannot get the fertilizers they contracted delivered. This means risks of crop failure, and. consequently, a deficit of food in West and East Europe, Latin America, South and Southeast Asia as it is extremely difficult, if possible, to replace Russian made fertilizers for the time being. Disruptions in fertilizers shipment can directly impact the national security of a number of countries and lead to a deficit of food for hundreds of millions people in mid-term,” the press office of the Ministry quotes Manturov as saying.

    He stressed that the needs of Russian agricultural companies in mineral fertilizers are fully provided for.

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