«Евразийский агроэкспресс» из Беларуси в Китай и Узбекистан

Eurasian Agroexpress Train from Belarus to China and Uzbekistan

  • Prime minister of the EAEU member countries have approved and promised support of the joint project to launch a Eurasian Agroexpress block train to expand and diversify agricultural and food products supply.

    At the first stage of the project, block trains will run from the EAEU to China and Uzbekistan, in future, other destinations in Europe and Asia can be developed, Andrey Slepnev, Minister of Trade, Eurasian Economic Commission, said.

    Regular shipments will make it possible to offer competitive rates compared to sea freight, and cut the transit time down to 10-14 days to China and 4-7 days to Uzbekistan, he said adding that the project also envisages developing the necessary infrastructure in a well-coordinated logistics supply chain.

    According to Slepnev, the block train will carry dairy, meat, fruit and vegetables as well as finished food products prioritizing high-margin goods.

    Two full block trains a week routed from Belarus via Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan to China are expected to run providing for the transportation of some 10,000 tons of cargo, including reefer containers, a month.

    The project participants include Bremino grupp (Belarus), KTZ Express (Kazakhstan), KTZ (Kyrgyzstan), RZD Logistics (Russia), and Slavtrans-Service (Russia).

    To coordinate the project, non-profit association Eurasian Agrologistics has been established.

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