Новый контейнерный поезд Петербург – Новосибирск

New Rail Service from St. Petersburg to Russian Far East via Moscow

  • FESCO Transportation Group has announced launching a new regular train service from St. Petersburg to Chita in East SIberia and Blagoveschensk in the Russian Far East via Moscow.

    The weekly block train will depart one of the marine terminals in St. Petersburg or Leningrad Oblast and arrive at the Bely Rast logistics terminal in Moscow Oblast. There, the containers designated for Chita and Blagoveschensk will be loaded onto FESCO-operated trains destined there.

    The transit time to the station of Chita-1 will make 12 days, and that to Blagoveschensk will be 14 days. Most pf the cargo will be consumer goods, both imported and manufactured in Northwest Russia.

    The first train left Sea Fish Port Terminal in St. Petersburg on February 7.

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