Первый сервис «ТрансКонтейнера» по единой накладной ЦИМ/СМГС

TransContainer Launches First Intermodal Service Using Unified CIM/SMGS Consignment Note

  • TransContainer has launched the first intermodal service using the unified CIM/SMGS consignment note from China to Germany via Global Ports’ Ust-Luga Container Terminal in the Baltic.

    The test shipment was made in January, the second train started from Wuhan in China on January 20 and ran via the Zabaikalsk border crossing and then to Ust-Luga Container Terminal, from where it will be shipped by sea to the port of Mukran.

    The train travelled across Russia in 9 days, the sea leg of the journey is expected to make 3 days, with the overall transit time amounting to 21 day.

    TransContainer and its Chinese subsidiary TransContainer Freight Forwarding (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. (TCFF) operate the rail part of the route, container are handled in Ust-Luga Container Terminal, the sea leg is operated by Baltic Sea Bridge GmbH, and Ruscon acts as a freight forwarding agent in Ust-Luga.

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