Продуктовый импорт, 11 месяцев 2021: поставки молочной продукции сократились

Coffee Import in November 2021 Up 40% YoY

  • According to the RF Federal Customs Service’s statistics, in January-November 2021 fresh and frozen meat import was down 17.1% to 202.8 thousand tons.

    Fresh and frozen poultry import increased by 3.8% to 220 thousand tons. Fish import grew by 10.7% up to 383 thousand tons. Canned meat and meat specialties import was up 11.6% making 20.2 thousand tons.

    Milk and condensed cream import declined down 12.4% to 119.8 thousand tons. Butter import decreased by 5.7% down to 114.2 thousand tons. Cheese import grew by 4% up to 296.8 thousand tons.

    Palm oil import was up 4.6% to 997.7 thousand tons.

    Citrus fruit import was up 4% to 1.3 mn tons. Banana import decreased by 3.5% down to 1.3 mn tons, and apple import declined by 3.8% down to 896.3 thousand tons.

    Raw sugar import grew by 31.5% up to 9.6 thousand tons, white sugar import was down 10% to 145.4 thousand tons.

    Coffee import in January-November grew by 7.5% up to 226.5 thousand tons, and tea import by 4.5% up to 147.4 thousand tons.

    In November, the following categories demonstrated a year-on-year decrease in import volumes: citrus fruit (down 9.1% to 212.5 thousand tons), apples (down 25.7% to 62 thousand tons), cheese (down 6.6% to 29.6 thousand tons), butter (down 12.2% to 10.8 thousand tons), white sugar (down 18.5% to 19.4 thousand tons), canned meat and meat specialties (down 30.5% to 16.6 thousand tons).

    Compared to October 2021, the import of palm oil, condensed milk and cream, and canned meat and meat specialties increased.

    Coffee import in November increased by 40.4% year-on-year and by 28.9% month-on-month to make 25 thousand tons. Tea import was up 21.4% year-on-year and up 6% month-on-month to 15.9 thousand tons.


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